Sunday, November 8


*So I started writing this post- and then...*

What is with making bread in the breadmaker?
It is an art that I have not yet conquered- but Justin and I just keep trying....
This is Justin's attempt today-

We had to cut the extra flour out of each piece before we ate it- and it didn't rise AT ALL... It did taste good but just wasn't the wonderful loaf that we were expecting.

And my attempt today-

(photo will be revealed at the end of the post)

Don't judge us on our breadmaking skills we are still good people I swear...
I have been able to make one good loaf of bread and one good set of buns (Justin has not been so lucky) but they were with white flour- the two loaves pictured above were made with spelt flour....

*So I wrote that post- and then my loaf of spelt bread came out looking like this*
It overflowed the container and touched the top of our bread machine!!!
And the above post didn't seem to apply to me anymore... It is now somewhat irrelevant.
But I took the time to write about it so I thought I would post it anyway.
But apparently only one of us in this household is bread maker challenged now....
Sorry Justin...

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  1. I think everyone has secret recipes that they won't share with me to keep me subservient! I do agree with one thing in your blog though: You were able to make one good loaf of bread, and you do have a nice set of buns!


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