Tuesday, November 10


So I love a good bargain- I mean who doesn't?
Since I was young it has been ingrained into my mind that you always shop around and look for the best bargain.
It can be the death of me when I am faced with a good bargain and my better judgement kicks in and tells me 'No you don't need that' and I am forced to walk away.
It happened today.
I was on my daily trip to Michaels- (I don't usually go every day but I am in charge of Activity Days and have been making some purchases for that which have required a 50% off coupon- and those of you who know Michaels know that you can only use one a day- hence my daily visit to Michaels....)
I was quick this time we were trying to get to friends house on time and Ruby was a little bit restless- so we got our goods and got into the shortest line.
There was only one lady at the till and she was buying a whole bunch of Halloween and Autumn scrapbooking and crafting stuff.
It was ALL on major clearance
And I mean a major clearance- 70% off or more
I didn't ask exactly how much because I knew that if I knew I would be more inclined to buy more martha stewart glitter, and autumn brads than one could possibly use in a lifetime. I mean seriously who needs 3 different colors of orange glitter?
(on a side note I had indulged earlier in the week when I found a good deal on some Martha glitter)
I ended up going to another till- one to speed up the process- that lady was taking a long time- she had definitely indulged beyond her better judgement... and 2 to get out of the situation and stop myself from picking up Ruby and running to the clearance section bulldozing anyone who decided to get in my way just to see how much orange glitter I could possibly carry out of the store for a super deal...
I must say I got out of the store with only the one purchase I had to make.
But when I got to the car I seriously considered going back in- and that was AFTER I had strapped Ruby into her car seat. Yes- I was willing to unstrap her and haul her back in to look at the craft stuff and then buy it and then haul her back out... CRAZY I know.
I thought about it all the way to our friends house...
I told my friend about it...
I thought more about it...
I got in the car to go home after the play date and almost went again...
I got Ruby home and thought about it all through lunch...
I had a nap to stop thinking about it...(and I was tired- probably from thinking about it)
And then I told Justin about it
But I am proud to say my thinking about it has lessened and I no longer have the urge to run out and go get some unnecessary craft supplies.
Kind of lessened anyway.
I mean it is only 7:42 and the store doesn't close until 9....
I am not a shopaholic
Or at least I don't think I am
Maybe I am and it is going to be a long road to recovery because I haven't even made the first step yet- admitting that I have a problem....
I just find it so hard to pass up a deal like that.
What if I need a brad that spells autumn one day and I have to go out and buy one at full price?
Or what if one day I find myself needing 3 different shades of orange sparkles and I just don't have them?
Or Autumn ribbon?
Or Halloween stickers?
What will I do then?

As you can tell it is really hard for me to pass up a good deal- but I am learning.
I am going to Michaels tomorrow for my daily jaunt so we will see how I stand then...
Hopefully strong....
Or maybe my arms will be full of glitter....


  1. lol, Cheryl, I know what you mean! Just reading your entry had me trying to figure out how to get to Michaels before the clearance is picked over, even though I know I won't have a car 'til Friday... but wait... I decided to stop buying scrapbooking stuff... if you are restraining, I shall restrain. ;)

  2. Any chance to get Martha glitter is worth annoying yourself and your baby.

    Plus if you get extra, you can always give it as gifts to your good friends who live far away and can't be there to craft with you.

    Just a suggestion.

  3. Once I bought so much orange glitter that I filled a bathtub with it. 5 different shades! So to those who ask if they can have too much glitter, I say no - good sir - you can never have too much glitter. So bring me my glitter-getting shoes! (which are covered in glitter, incidentally) I'm going to get 70% off all the orange glitter I can carry!


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