Tuesday, November 3

One More Life Experience

Chalk another one up to a life experience for Ruby....
While travelling today to get a few errands done our van overheated- so after stopping and turning off the car- letting it cool down and then starting it again- it did it again and I was forced to stop in a parking lot with nothing to shop at except the dollarama.
Now don't get me wrong I love dollarama- so this wasn't the worst experience in the world.
So we went in and picked up a few essentials- you know- cinderella lip balm, a cinderella bookie, some hair accessories and a winnie the pooh reusable bag for her to carry it all home with. Just a few essentials of a 2 and something year old girl. (I do know what the something part is in months but I didn't think any of you would really care to know that information)
While we were browsing the aisles (which are very narrow I might add) a man on crutches came the other way-
And before I knew it Ruby stuck her leg out and tripped the poor man

Just going to let that settle in

and now I am going to let you know that that was just a joke....
She didn't trip the man-she's not a monster- he did have crutches and was missing one leg though.

No Really

he was

Ruby didn't do too bad in this new situation that she was encountering. She has never seen a person with just one leg before. She didn't point or say anything but she did stare with puzzlement in her eyes not sure what to think. The man didn't say or do anything though I am sure he noticed her stares- she was only about a step away from him.
In that moment I realized how innocent she really is- and all the life experiences that are yet to come for her....

Like when we drove home and had to stop 3 times because of the over heating of the van. So I was cheering the van on and the heat (because that wasn't working either) telling them to come on and get us home.
So Ruby joined in cheering- 'You can do it heat! You can do it van!'
And we got home.....

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  1. You are right: Ruby isn't a monster. But the other night when I was putting Ruby to bed, she said there was a monster in the room. She said it was just a little monster, and not a mean monster, but I was still a little scared.


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