Thursday, October 1

Did I Do That?

Yes it is time for some self proclaimed bragging- I figure every blogger deserves a little time to brag about themselves- so it time for you all- and especially me- to enjoy a new segment of Snelldogs- 'Did I Do That?'
And the answer is YES!
As I mentioned in previous blogs Justin and I had the good fortune of finding a Children's table and chairs for $4 at a garage sale- the only issue is that it was a light pink and in pretty bad condition. But with a little 'snellbow' grease and some paint anything is possible!!!

Here are the before pictures (well this is after I power sanded it)
And the during pictures

And here is the beautiful after picture!

I seriously LOVE this table and chairs now- LOVE it!!
And just to give credit where credit is due- Justin did all the painting of the chairs and alot of the table too (but I did do some)- and he did an AMAZING job- even with me hovering over his shoulder....
Ruby loves her table and chairs too...

And one more project---
This is my most recent sewing project-
Which Ruby also loves!!
(Even though she looks unhappy in the pictures)


  1. Ruby's dress is totally awesome sauce! I hope I have a girl so I can sew lots of stuff. There isn't much you can sew for boys!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!! And I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the dress!!! How cute is Rub-mister? I miss you guys....come visit....

  3. Yaaaa! you did it! (is that chalk board paint I see...or did you have to just go for regular black?) I love the red chairs and Ruby's dress is...well motivation to have a little girl of my you can make her this I can oogle it in her closet... hmmm maybe you could make ME one...when I am not pregnant... 10,000 yrds of fabric gets pricey- I would like a matching bow too!


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