Monday, October 26

Water Lady update

Recently I have gotten word from my special agent OOJ (double O J) that there has been some recent activity on the water front.
A MAN this time was transferring water (or what we think is water) (or what we think is a man) to an unknown location and returning with empty jugs.
So much for the garden thought- I don't think many gardens are growing anymore.
Still no idea what it could be for.
One day I will take a pic for all of you to see the stash....


  1. This inspires me to now start a peculiar habit for my neighbors to see so they too can begin to theorize and blog about what it's possible purpose or reason could be.

    Let's see what could I do.....maybe every couple days I'll walk into the forest that's across our apartment entrance caring a small cage and then on the way out keep licking my lips and wiggling the cage as though I've just caught my dinner.

    I'm only teasing!!! I am deeply interested what these people could possibly be doing. And I hope when you or ooJ find's as juicy as we'd hope. All I know is you should be writing down clues and observations in a small notebook. I saw that on ghostwriter.

  2. We'll find out what that water lady/man is up to... one of these days! I'll put a radioactive tracer in their water so we can track where their water is going. Or... I'll follow them one day!


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