Thursday, October 22


My Observations and Discoveries of Today:
a) M&M Cashiers equal nice.
b) a squished Boston Cream still tastes as good if not BETTER than a boston cream in the original state. My hypothesis is that this is due to the spreading of the cream- no more dry donut bites- every bite has some delicious cream. Try it some time- just leave a donut in your bag until it is sufficiently squished.
c) Chapters can be fun despite what you may think. It is fun and very likable- now I see why dad loves it so much.
d) I like Chocolate milk and may be slightly addicted....
e) Duct cleaners and their brothers can be exceptionally nice- and they will leave your home smelling surprisingly minty fresh.
f) Your house can smell minty fresh despite the fact that the air outside your house smells like literal pig poo- of no fault of your own- it is carried in the wind.
g) There is no way to control the wind
h) The words 'no' and 'way' ALWAYS go together. If you are ever going to say no to someone add on the way- it sounds way better... At least to Ruby... and if you are talking to her consider yourself lucky if you get a 'yes-way' those are rare but present in her vocab as well.
i) and last but not least- there are only 2 kinds of pedestrians- the kind that has a death wish and seem to throw themselves in front of my car constantly (luckily I was able to avoid these death-wishers)- and the kind that are scared to walk anywhere and ALWAYS run across the street even if they have a walk signal and are really old....
j) and lastly- when Ruby says 'Good Morning' it sounds just like 'Good Mormon' I think its great!
And to think I still have some of the day left to continue to observe and discover....

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  1. I have to agree with the boston cream - and I LOVE going to Chapters with absolutely no intention of buying anything - but just to browse through that is the cutest thing about Ruby. I hope you recorded it! That is so cute!


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