Saturday, September 26


UW Homecoming can be summed up as follows:

Free Bees
Free Bears

Free Battlestar Galactica

Ok- no free battlestar galactica- that would have been too perfect...

Where they were lacking in Battlestar Galactica they made up in other free B's
Free Bibs
Free Books
Free Beanie babies
Free Balloons
Free Bandanas
Free Babies (ok no free babies but there were lots of babies)

As for other freebies that don't start with B
There were free:
ice cream
cotton candy
face painting
and Fun!!!

I am not kidding about the free bees- they were swarming
As for the free bears they may have been Bernstein but they were still free!

Other pictures to document this momentous Waterloo Homecoming
Justin finally got the balloon wand he had always wanted...

It was really fun! I mean how could it not be- we got free stuff!!

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