Wednesday, January 25

Niagara At Night

We went home for my sister's wedding.
We decided that the best and cheapest way for us to do that would be to drive back into Canada and fly out of Ontario.
We wanted to fly out of Waterloo and visit old friends there but all the flights were booked so we chose the next best place- Hamilton.
Not once did we think about whether or not this was a really GOOD idea.  Turns out driving 5 hours to stay overnight and fly REALLY early the next morning wasn't the WORST idea... though it wasn't the best either.  Turns out flying into Toronto on a Sunday afternoon and then driving 5 hours that same day (because Justin had to work the next morning) through a blizzard WAS the worst idea.
We did survive and were even able to see the Niagara Falls a way we have never seen them before- at night.
It was really cool and Ruby loved it.

They shine some colored lights on the falls at night and they are really pretty.  It was deserted as well- just us and the falls.  Definitely a new way to experience it.  Super misty and wet (as per usual) but luckily it wasn't too cold so we were still able to enjoy ourselves.

It really is moments like the- small memories that we make together that I love.  We could have easily bypassed the falls, we have seen them before, but we didn't and it may have been a little bit of a pain, and kind of annoying when all we wanted to do was get to our hotel room and rest, but it was worth it and it always is. I just love moments like this.  Stories to tell.
They had a lot of other fun things going on there too- they had a Disney themed Christmas light show that you could drive through- Ruby also loved that.
All in all it was worth it, and it felt nice to be back in familiar territory.
I am always amazed at the beautiful wonders of the world and I really enjoy nothing more than sharing these special memories with my family.


  1. That is really neat...alas it falls under my irrational phobia's....Niagara falls....parking garages and doctors office waiting rooms. I avidly avoid all of them.
    But this is SO you...I always admire your desire to make memories even though it would be way easier to just...not:)

  2. We love it when you share them! Miss you.


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