Wednesday, January 11

Noni The Warrior King Turns TWO

Myers turned 2 while we were in Alberta- I can not believe it!
We knew that Justin wasn't going to be there so we made sure to celebrate it with Justin before we left.
Here is Noni in all his half naked glory.  
That kid seriously loves to be naked.
He was pretty lucky this year he got to celebrate his birthday 3 times with 3 different desserts, mini cheesecakes, ice cream cake, and this monster cake I made him.  (I saw it on pinterest- that site is awesome!)
I did run into a few mishaps- like the cake being lopsided- but I think it only added to the full effect.  

Myers loved it.
And of course what is a birthday party at Grammie's without a hot chocolate party?

To my little Noni,
You will always be my little Noni- even when you are fully grown and have children of your own.  (Though lets face it- I can't even begin to imagine you all grown up)  I don't know how the name stuck I never thought it would but it has and I love it and I love you.  You are a wonderful, sweet little boy.  You are always the first to comfort Ruby when she gets hurt, though that is normally because you are the one who caused the hurt in the first place and are therefore the first one on the scene.  You do love to bug Ruby and she, for the most part, loves it.  My most favorite thing that you do is when you hug me around the neck so tight and say 'Love Mommy'.  It just melts my heart.  You have the sweetest little face and the largest round eyes.  I love your craziness and your love for battle-axes.  You weild a sword well my son.  I love that your head seems to be a quarter of the size of your body and that when you get really tired it seems to be too heavy for your body and you go into tripod mode (your head and feet on the floor and the same time).  You tend to go into destructo mode around 4:30 and don't come out of it until bed time.  You do not like heights and hate being thrown in the air.  You have recently gotten into putting your hand into your diaper and so we have had to take drastic measures and put you back into a onesie.  Those are really hard to find in your size.  You will copy every thing that Ruby says or does and are so darn cute when you do it.  I love to hear you talk and to watch you learn and grown.  You are not afraid of any one or any thing.  You will take anyone on in a wrestle and I often see you taunting the larger kids...  You are solid and are definitely built like a rock.  You are a rough and tumble boy and I am loving every minute of it.  I really love you.

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  1. Zippered sleepers on backwards (with the feet cut off) work for the diaper hunters (I used that with my daycare kids during naptime over their clothes and it worked very well!)
    "love Mommy" awwwwww...that is the best...the BEST. Happy Birthday Noni!


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