Friday, January 6

The Perfect Day

It finally snowed here- though as I write this post all of the snow has melted leaving the grass green and luscious once again.

But while the snow was here we did our best to make the most of it.
We dressed up in all of our gear- though we had to remove layers since it was SO GORGEOUS outside!
We did get a chance to make a snowman- which is the only semblance of snow left.

Ruby made the head- all by herself and the eyes.

I love the eyes.  They really just make the snowman.

Ruby insisted on a snowball fight.
I tried to warn her about my uncanny ability to undoubtedly hit her in the face with a snowball, she wouldn't listen.
And I ACCIDENTALLY hit her in the face with a snow ball.
I ACCIDENTALLY got Myers too.
They are just moving around so much while I threw those snowballs.
I will say there is nothing more fun than throwing snowballs at my kids.  They love it- and lets face it- I love it.
They take it pretty good when they get smucked in the face (by accident) and we just have a good time.
It was fun.
BUT just between us- I'm glad it melted and I hope it never comes back.
There- I said it.
If Ruby knew she would not like that I said that- she is a huge fan of snow and can not understand my dislike for it.  She is constantly trying to convince ME that winter is MY favorite season.  It isn't the snow so much it is the weather that usually comes with it.

Removing all the gear- it is still waiting for another use- and Ruby is still waiting for another snow fall....


  1. Hehehe so much fun to read, I thought the snowman had a kind of bug eyes look to it, though I have to say I like it....myers looks so big all grown up.....looking at them makes us miss them ever more....but glad you all had a little fun in the snow.....

  2. I love the bug eyes. White is definitely his colour!

  3. I love the bug eyes, and white is definitely his colour!


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