Tuesday, January 10

Clay Making

My new favorite thing to do with Ruby is work with clay.  This is a picture of the nativity Ruby made last Christmas (when she was 3.5)  I am in love with it. 
She loves to work with clay.  From left to right they are the shepherd, sheep, cow, Joseph, baby Jesus and manger, Mary, donkey, horse, wise man, and on top the angel and a star.    I love the eyes.  She loves large eyes- and if I had a close up of baby Jesus you would see that he has one large eye and one small eye.  I love to see her create things with her hands- she loves it too.

This year I made nativities to give away for Christmas.  I made 14 of them in total.

My little army of Josephs and Marys.
The finished product.  This is of course the small version but I have made the 'extended' version in the past.  I like giving these to people I love.  They are inexpensive but take lots of time so they are full of heart- and super cute if I do say so myself.  
Stay tuned for the clay cake toppers I made for my sisters wedding!

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  1. That little army picture is great. Sooo much work! I am so happy I got a set! I LOVE it! I just pulled it out again this week to show my mom how cute it is. Adorable! You are one talented crafter Cheryl.


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