Tuesday, November 22

Cleveland Rocks II

I am in love with this city.  I don't know why- it just has charm, and it isn't crazy crowded.
I like it.
So we took another trip to experience more of the city that is Cleveland, Ohio.
You can see our other trip here.
This trip brought along a few surprises.
Including our chance to meet Carlisle Cullen.   (He has a real name but lets face it, it was hard enough for me to remember what his movie name was....)
We were heading to the terminal tower that overlooks the city when low and behold in the same mall was an autograph and picture taking experience with Dr. Carlisle Cullen himself.

Myers was super excited about it.  He's a huge twilight fan- I mean what almost 2 year old isn't?

There he is!

And here he is closer.

And signing autographs.

We didn't get to actually shake his hand or get our picture with him (that would have cost $40) but we were among the admirers, though technically we aren't admirers...  But we posed as such.  I enjoy myself some twilight but not enough to pay for a picture and an autograph...
And then we got sufficiently bored and headed to the terminal tower...

It was awesome!  It just recently reopened after it was closed because of some scares from September 11.

We all had fun taking turns pressing the buttons in the multiple elevators we had to take to get all the way up there.  It reminded me of when we went up the Empire State Building- though less supervised, less money, and definitely less people.  But both were awesome in their own right...

 All the way up to the 42nd floor!  Myers looks super impressed.
 Part of the view...
 I like this picture- she looks super cute.  We were trying to point out a limo that we could see by a church down there- she couldn't find it.  You know how hard it is to have a child find something that is only 2 feet from them- well imagine a tiny little limo that is who knows how for from her.  We eventually took a picture of it and then pointed it out in the picture and then had her find it in real life.  To this day I don't know if she found it...
 The crooked river.
 Even Scrooge, E. signed the register.  Who knew he was from Germany?  You can thank Justin for that!
 Next stop was a childhood dream come true.  The actual house that A Christmas Story was filmed in.  You know- 'You'll shoot your eye out!' or ' Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ra Ra Ra Ra'.  And if you don't know then you should...
 My family will love the picture below.  That is the actual 'I can't put my arms down' snow suit.  I thought it was brown!

 There it is- the house!  Ruby was really excited to be there- though she hasn't seen the movie.... yet!

 Hiding in the cupboard!
 Serving the turkey!

Randy's hat. 
 The Red Rider BB Gun.  I never would have shot MY eye out with that thing.  I'm pretty much a BB gun shooting genius!
 Justin's just plain awesome.
Careful or Ruby will shoot YOUR eye out!
 Token Leg Lamp Picture.  If I had endless amounts of money AND liked really ugly things I would have bought one....
 It was really a fun day.  Lots of memories and lots of dreams come true....
Who needs Disney World when you have Cleveland?


  1. My dream vacation.... One... I LOVE Carlisle. (I have already seen Twilight twice since it came out). B... I LOVE The Christmas Story. I especially love watching it with Kathy because she knows all these really fun facts. Tree... I love you guys. :)

  2. Fuuuuuuu-dge! I am so jealous! That is my favorite movie..not Christmas movie...Movie.

    I was just quoting it yesterday. We have friends who have a leg lamp....he said it is actually cost effective because once you put one of those babies in your front window, there is no point in any other Christmas decor...unless you are trying to outdo yourself.
    Cleveland looks like a well kept secret....I especially love that you went in the "Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie" cupboard.


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