Monday, November 28

Thanksgiving Tree 2011

I saw this at a friends house and decided it would be a great FHE idea and something to help us remember to be grateful.
Presenting our Thanksgiving tree of 2011.  (This will now be a yearly tradition)

Thanksgiving, isn't it a little late for that, eh?  That is what my Canadian friends are thinking right now- am I right?
Well it seems weird to me to but when you are in America you do as the Americans do.
So we completely skipped over Canadian Thanksgiving and jumped right into American thanksgiving.
Hence the Thanksgiving tree in November.
All I did was cut out a tree like shape from packing paper (Ruby thought it looked like a mushroom) and then cut out a whole bunch of leaves from various fall colored paper.
Then we spent an evening talking about all of the things that we are grateful for and wrote them on the leaves.  Noni and Ruby placed them on the tree and now we have a constant reminder of what we are grateful for.  It can lift a person's spirits just looking at it.  That is why I like it.
It can also scare a person half to death when they see it in the dark (it resembles a person lurking in the dark out of the side of your eye)
I am grateful for the constant reminder to be grateful, sometimes I need it.  It is important to remember to be grateful for the things in our lives, and I am.
I feel blessed and grateful.
At this time I am grateful for family and friends.
We had a great time getting together with all the 'orphan' families (those who don't have any family living out here) and celebrating thanksgiving.  There was so much food and laughter, it felt like family and it was great.
After dinner, instead of lining up for black friday specials, we headed to Gettysburg and Hershey to meet up with the other thing I am grateful for- old familiar friends.  (The friends aren't old, just the friendship)
More to come on that soon!

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