Thursday, November 17


In Justin's adult life I have only known him to be truly afraid of one thing.
Styrofoam heads.
I can only blame his sisters for the lack of Styrofoam head decoration in our home.
(Everyone has Styrofoam heads adorning their halls right?  I feel totally left out of the Styrofoam head craze...)
On All Hallows Eve we received a 'guest' in the mail.
In the form of a Styrofoam head.
It looked like this:

And it creeped us all out.
I did not expect the amount of creepage that I felt.  
I thought it was all just a simple joke that would be funny and then the styrofoam head would go away and we would all laugh and that would be it.
But that head has a way of haunting a person and finding its way back into your life.
The creepiest part is the fact that it has 'I FOUND YOU' written on its head. 
That creeps everyone else out too, right?
I will admit I am a bonified 'scaredy'.  There is no other way to describe it.
Justin showed a little bit of fear whether fake or real suppressed 'I was terrorized with this head by my sisters in my youth' fear it doesn't matter.  I jumped right on that band wagon.
We quickly threw it down the stairs (into the basement that we NEVER enter, not under ANY circumstances- because of said fear) and quickly close the door.
We discussed what we would do with it- I wanted to get rid of it so Justin said he would run down and get it and then we could get rid of it. So he opened the door- and about 4 steps down- there was the head.
It had landed right side up on its neck and was looking at us through those opaque white eyes- just willing us to come closer.
SO.... we shut the door again.
And laughed nervously....  (the kids were around and we don't want them to have unnecessary fear of the head)
We did eventually get the head and now it has a dwelling in our garage.
We just can't seem to let it go.
Where do you find a styrofoam head anyway?  What if we needed it some day?
I know you are laughing at us right now- but beware!!!
Maybe one day the head will find you.
Yes I am mostly speaking to you Aymie DAVIS!!!!


  1. hehehe too freaky that thing looking up at you from the basement stairs, you failed to let everyone know how scarey those downstairs are, when the light it turned off and wont go off, ITS TOOO FREAKY........dont look now....

    oh, and Value Village is the answer to your question. In fact, at halloween time they have bins and bins full of styrofoam heads for 2.99 each!!! My question is, what would anyone else do with one?

  3. Ha ha! Love that it was waiting for you in the basement. Creepy! Also, way to save money on the many hours of raking leaves. That is a great post full of memories -- hours and hours of raking leaves memories :)


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