Monday, July 12


I have kept you all in anticipation long enough- here is the much awaited florida post.
Florida was everything we could have ever wished it would be- it was wonderful! Warm, sunny, disney-esk, and fun. I want to go back- today. If only we had endless money and no other commitments....
Since it has been so long I figured the best way to remember Florida would be through a picture montage. So here you are! Enjoy!

We ate ice cream and every possible dessert from a kitchen sink!

Luckily Clark and Jayne and Ainsley were there to help us- we couldn't have done it without you.

We swam... In the hugest pool I have ever seen. It was wonderful!
Noni didn't swim- too sunny for a 3 month old without sunscreen- plus we tried at the other pool and he just wasn't that into it. He would rather sleep.
So Justin and I took turns. When I wasn't swimming I got to hang out with this guy...
We went to Disney World- of course. You know me- I wouldn't miss the Disney Magic. Despite what you may think- there is a Myers under that hat!
We hung out with our good friend Walt...
We attempted the impossible. I thought for sure Jayne would do it- she is the strongest of us all. Look at those pipes! Plus she has the strength of an adult and a little baby. She did her best- we can't deny that.
We played.

We carried. It is hard to tell but I am carrying both Ruby and Noni. Justin had to get Shandelle a GPS that she forgot in our van- and Ruby got scared while he was gone... You know Disney a lot of oversized cartoon characters- it can be a scary place for a 2.5 yr old... So in return my arms were put to the test. We survived.

We played with friends. Just a shout out to Shandelle- thanks for coming and getting us cheap tickets!! Those two guys in the back- not part of our group... Noni is there- I promise- he`s just asleep in the stroller.

And we met the celebs-
Introducing Belle...
And CinderellaSnowhite...

Pocahontas- Not Ruby's favorite- as you can see Penguin got the brunt of it.
Mickey and Minnie were the worst meeting we had. Not the actual minnie and mickey they were great, but- Ruby was scared and Noni was crying and Justin was returning a GPS so he wasn't there. It was NOT a good combo. But I managed to smile through it. Can you see the pure terror in Ruby's body language? It could have been because Mickey insisted on touching her. Not to self- Ruby does not like large mice.
But all was well with Ruby and her favorite princess Aurora....Noni didn't get to see the sun very much... We took this picture to prove that he was actually there...
We made some great memories with friends...
Noni slept through most of the experience...
We tried on the hats...

And we kept cool and looked cool doing it!

It was SO FUN. There isn't much more I can say- I want to go back NOW. I love it there.

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  1. I want to go there just for the sink full of desserts. A pregnant woman's dream.

    I am quite disappointed that Jayne couldn't come through on the sword. She was my only hope. Maybe you should have tried after all that double kid holding you were doing.


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