Saturday, July 31

A Good Neighbor- Nay, A GREAT Neighbor

First off- I am going to acknowledge the fact that I spelled neighbor without the canadian 'u'. I greatly dislike the additional 'U' that we as Canadians are expected to add into words such as neighbor and color. They serve no purpose and therefore I never add them. Whew- got that off my chest- now I feel better. Maybe I will start evaluating each word individually and deleting unnecessary letters... I'l kep u postd n my prgres.

We have good neighbors. We have been blessed with good neighbors throughout our married life. Except the pot smoking, yelling upstairs neighbors we had when we were first married. But minus those first 6 months we have been blessed with Kade and Sarah for 3 ish years and now for the last 3 years we have had Clark and Jayne. Thanks for being so good to us!!!

I had never sat down to evaluate our 'neighborly goodness level' until recently....

And judging from this picture I would say we rank pretty high.
Anyone care to disagree?

Just to paint the picture for you-
Its 7:30 am.
It is raining like nobody's business.
The hardest rain and wind we have had all year.
It was actually pretty neat to see. It was so warm but a crazy- I would even call it hurricane-like- rain. You know without the actual hurricane.
Our whole household is up- of course- and we hear a honking.
A constant car horn honk. Not intermittent- constant.
We have only ever heard this honk one other time- and it was Clark and Jayne's car about a year and a half ago at 6 am.
At least it was courteous this time and waited until 7:30 am.
But they fixed that- it couldn't be there car again? Right?
And then it stopped.
Then it began again.
This time I looked outside.
And there was Clark in his dress pants, shirt, and tie trying to fix his car honk.
I tell Justin.
He rushes down the stairs exclaiming 'I need to help him!'
Quickly (in record time actually) we found an umbrella and a raincoat-ish jacket and Justin braved the elements to help a friend.
What a great guy.
What a great neighbor.
I grabbed our camera- this was something that needed to be documented.
Here they were- dressed for clinic- out in the crazy rain with a simple umbrella to keep them dry.
It didn't really do its job.
I wish I had an after picture of them- but alas, my description will just have to do.
They were dripping.
It was incredible.
Justin had to change every piece of clothing.
We now know what it means to be soaken through and through.
(and by we I mean Justin)
And what it means to be a good neighbor.
Even if it means holding a flimsy umbrella during a torrential downpour while your friend fixes a really annoying car honk.
What will we ever do without Clark and Jayne.
Maybe we will just have to be neighbors for life.
You guys would like that- right?

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  1. What a great story! And what a picture - worth a thousand words. Although I confess that I had no idea that under your mild exterior your had such strong feelings about extra "u"s.
    We were so blessed to have all of you guys as neighbours (sorry, I think it's more visually pleasing) for our last year at CLV. Our only regret is that we didn't know you guys for the previous three we were there!


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