Saturday, October 31

Family of Supers

Golden Arms (his super power is super golden arms- of course...) and his family of supers-
Super Ruby (her super power is being the cutest ever)
Super Cheryl (my super power is making people)
I must say I love it
I love us
And I love being SUPER...

Perhaps the supers will be making an appearance at a function near you soon.
Or just anywhere because we feel like wearing our costumes.....
So keep an eye out for us!

*On a side note- Ruby has not removed the super ruby shirt since we put it on her. She even wore it under her dress to church today....
But seriously isn't she the cutest?

Monday, October 26

Water Lady update

Recently I have gotten word from my special agent OOJ (double O J) that there has been some recent activity on the water front.
A MAN this time was transferring water (or what we think is water) (or what we think is a man) to an unknown location and returning with empty jugs.
So much for the garden thought- I don't think many gardens are growing anymore.
Still no idea what it could be for.
One day I will take a pic for all of you to see the stash....


I have tried not to complain too much about the house I now live in....
Its nice NOW but it wasn't always.
I don't know who graced our halls with their presence before but somehow they managed to make a home that is only 5 years old seem ANCIENT and well... gross and dirty and icky.
They took out the carpet on our main floor because it was beyond cleaning and replaced it with tile- but not the nice kind... think supermarket or hospital.
There were ALOT of things that needed to be replaced or cleaned or fixed- but once those things were done and we got a VERY LARGE area rug I finally feel at home. I feel less icky.
I think that part of this less icky feeling is due to a chance encounter I had last friday. I was coming back from being out with ruby and our maintenance guy was knocking on Clark and Jayne's door. I didn't think much of it until I got to my door and he had suddenly appeared there. He told me that he was on his way over to my house to ask if I wanted to get my vents\ducts (I don't remember which word he used and frankly I don't really know or care to know the difference) cleaned. Apparently the guys were ahead of schedule and he thought that we could use a cleaning and that we would be willing to have them do it even if we didn't have the usual 24 hours notice.
Of course I said yes- anything that they will clean or do in our house I am willing to have done.
So Ruby and I left again and headed to chapters to read some bookies and returned an hour and a half later and our house was surprisingly minty fresh with clean vents.
The next day I went downstairs and I found this on my dryer.

NONE of this is ours.
Now can you see why I say ICKY? How else do you describe it?
I mean seriously that IS a shriveled up apple and an old used baby soother.
(Though I did clean and keep the basketball- gross I know....)

Thursday, October 22


My Observations and Discoveries of Today:
a) M&M Cashiers equal nice.
b) a squished Boston Cream still tastes as good if not BETTER than a boston cream in the original state. My hypothesis is that this is due to the spreading of the cream- no more dry donut bites- every bite has some delicious cream. Try it some time- just leave a donut in your bag until it is sufficiently squished.
c) Chapters can be fun despite what you may think. It is fun and very likable- now I see why dad loves it so much.
d) I like Chocolate milk and may be slightly addicted....
e) Duct cleaners and their brothers can be exceptionally nice- and they will leave your home smelling surprisingly minty fresh.
f) Your house can smell minty fresh despite the fact that the air outside your house smells like literal pig poo- of no fault of your own- it is carried in the wind.
g) There is no way to control the wind
h) The words 'no' and 'way' ALWAYS go together. If you are ever going to say no to someone add on the way- it sounds way better... At least to Ruby... and if you are talking to her consider yourself lucky if you get a 'yes-way' those are rare but present in her vocab as well.
i) and last but not least- there are only 2 kinds of pedestrians- the kind that has a death wish and seem to throw themselves in front of my car constantly (luckily I was able to avoid these death-wishers)- and the kind that are scared to walk anywhere and ALWAYS run across the street even if they have a walk signal and are really old....
j) and lastly- when Ruby says 'Good Morning' it sounds just like 'Good Mormon' I think its great!
And to think I still have some of the day left to continue to observe and discover....

Wednesday, October 7

Salt Lake City- Here We Come!

Well- not until September 2010... but we are so excited I just felt like I needed to mention it!
Justin and I have been stressing- well mostly me, I seem to be a super stress case these days- over where and when we will get certain externship placements.
And we got where and when we wanted.
We will be in Waterloo for the summer- so we can do all the summery things here that we want to enjoy (African Lion Safari, Pageant, Wonderland!!)
And then we will be off to SLC and then finally back in Alberta.
We truly have been blessed and I am grateful to our Heavenly Father for watching over us.

Thursday, October 1

24 Carat Gold

At a recent Relief Society Enrichment I had the good fortune of being given this-
And yes it is dusted with 24 Carat Gold- I have never eaten such expensive chocolate....
And we all enjoyed a bite!

Did I Do That?

Yes it is time for some self proclaimed bragging- I figure every blogger deserves a little time to brag about themselves- so it time for you all- and especially me- to enjoy a new segment of Snelldogs- 'Did I Do That?'
And the answer is YES!
As I mentioned in previous blogs Justin and I had the good fortune of finding a Children's table and chairs for $4 at a garage sale- the only issue is that it was a light pink and in pretty bad condition. But with a little 'snellbow' grease and some paint anything is possible!!!

Here are the before pictures (well this is after I power sanded it)
And the during pictures

And here is the beautiful after picture!

I seriously LOVE this table and chairs now- LOVE it!!
And just to give credit where credit is due- Justin did all the painting of the chairs and alot of the table too (but I did do some)- and he did an AMAZING job- even with me hovering over his shoulder....
Ruby loves her table and chairs too...

And one more project---
This is my most recent sewing project-
Which Ruby also loves!!
(Even though she looks unhappy in the pictures)


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