Friday, September 4

Another Sniebe Adventure!

Recently Justin, Ruby and I were able to take a trip with the Wiebes to Nauvoo and Chicago. This one had a little bit more excitement brewed in since we had a 9 month pregnant woman (who by the way had to pee all the time), a 6 month pregnant woman (who by the way had to eat all the time) and a van which seemed to make a new sound every hundred miles or so....
Compared to all of this the two 2 year olds we had in the back seat were a breeze (I will partly thank a dvd player for that and of course our uncanny ability to entertain small children)
We packed in everything we could during the 2 days we were in Nauvoo/ Carthage and the 2 that we were in Chicago.
It really was a wonderful experience... I have always wanted to visit the Nauvoo area and was glad to be able to it before our time in the east ended (not that it is ending soon but I am glad to have it off my 'bucket list' of sorts).
Nauvoo was alot to take in in 2 days- ALOT of history- but definitely interesting and I was able to learn alot. I am both impressed and grateful with the sacrifices the saints made. We were able to see Joseph Smith's grave site, the Nauvoo temple, the Mississippi River, Carthage Jail, the place where the Relief Society was organized, LOTS of other historical sites, and a plethora of corn fields (and a mystery field which turned out to be beans) thanks to Justin and the scenic route we took to Carthage... which I will of course never speak of again.
Some pictures for your enjoyment...
*Notice Rosie (the doll in every picture) she has been Ruby's constant companion since we came back east*

In front of the Nauvoo Temple

At the Pioneer Village playing with a wooden sheep

Cuties in front of the temple

Ruby and Eli both got their own little Book of Mormon and carrying case- they seriously carried them around everywhere and 'sang' the words from their pages....

Stay tuned for scenes from Chicago next....


  1. wow! that must of been such an awesome epxerience!!! i hope all is well!

  2. You are total cuteness lady!!! You look GREAT!!! Hardly prego! And Ruby is adorable as usual - Rub-mister - I can't wait to see her :) xoxo


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