Friday, September 25

Star Sighting at Home Depot

I am working on redoing a Children's table and chairs that Justin and I snagged at a garage sale for $4... so needless to say we have been regulars at Home Depot lately... This Friday was no different.
We made a quick stop at Canadian Tire first to pick up a few 'needed' items and then headed over to Home Depot and began our journey by looking in the paint- I didn't need much to recover these items so I was looking for the littlest containers possible. It turns out small containers of paint aren't the easiest to find. They had one variety so we picked up the colors we wanted and were walking past the paint desk where some good sized sample paints caught my eye. THAT was when it all happened. A 'home depot-er' (that is what I like to call home depot employees) asked us if we needed any help. We told him our project and what we had picked out- he gave us his advice (which we heeded- I mean who are we to go against what a home depot-er is telling us) and we walked away. As we walked away neither Justin nor I said a word we were both mesmerized by this employee.
Until Justin finally broke the silence and said- (and I quote) 'He captivated me with his good manners and gentle eyes'
He took the words right out of my mouth
I then said- 'He reminded me of someone famous'
Justin agreed and then almost instantly he said
'Matt Damon'
I agreed...
We had just been helped by a celebrity look-a-like. I think I heard that his brother is going to UW- but don't quote me on that.
Justin and I may just be making extra trips to the paint aisle at home depot to be captivated by good manners and gentle eyes.....

*On a side note if anyone near me has unsanded tile grout- I NEED 2 tablespoons- and I don't want to buy a 2 kg box... HELP!*
Also watch for a new segment on Snelldogs called- 'Did I Do That?'- its coming soon- and you guessed it our first subject will be a childrens table and chairs- as long as they turn out nice....


  1. Cheryl, that is amazing! I saw a Matthew McConaughey look-a-like at the movie theatre. He, too, was an employee!
    Also, if you are looking for the very smallest paint jars I know that Benjamin Moore stores sell paint samples of any B.M. colour. They are $6.00 I think... They are 55mL. I guess the downside is that they are all eggshell, so not glossy. I don't know if you will ever need to go THAT small, but I find it seriously helps when you've accidentally pulled the paint off the wall of your rental home because you didn't realize sticky tac was so sticky... that may or may not have happened to me.

  2. 'He captivated me with his good manners and gentle eyes'

    lol! :D


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