Thursday, May 21


For my oldest sister who turned 27 Today
I know it is a little late in the day to write this but I have strep so I think that you understand.
That is one thing I like about you- you are understanding
You are an amazing mother and I can't believe that you have FIVE kids already!!!
You have accomplished alot in your 27 years and I am in awe.
You are very creative as well and I love to see all of your creations!
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL- and seem to get more and more so every year- I love your red shoes!
I love your eyes too- they are huge and round and I see them in different variations in all of your children...
You are very strong woman- and I see you become stronger and stronger every day.
I love spending time with you and I wish that we lived closer- but one day I am sure that we will.
I miss all the late night chats that we used to have when we were teenagers- I learned alot about you during that time and I really enjoyed them.... Oh to be 16 again....
I love who you are and I look forward to many more years of being your little sister....
If you want to learn more about Kathy you can go to her blog

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