Thursday, May 21


We recently were in New York visiting the beloved Hughes- If you knew them you would call them beloved too. Because that is what they are once you get to know them- to the untrained eye they seem merely 'lov-ed'.
Just wait until you spend 2 weeks in close quarters with them- Oh the lessons you will learn...
For the unfortunate few of you that do not know them or for those of you who may never have the opportunity to spend 2 weeks with them I have compiled a list of SNELLESSONS Learned (I did leave the extra L out for a reason)

1. It is awesome to live 2 minutes from the ocean
2. You can make any house a home
3. NEVER and I mean never make the mistake of leaving your facebook open on their computer- unless you want the whole world to know that you presumably have a lazy eye and BO
4. You can never have too much real housewives
5. I've been there
6. Nicknacks are nice when displayed tastefully
7. It is easy to get lost
8. It is never too late for a good viewing of Jeopardy or Wheel of fortune.
9. The announcer on David Letterman has red hair
10. Its not that hard to get on TV
11. Ciabatta can be delicious and can used for a variety of meals- but beware it dries out after a few days
12. All GPS is created equal- despite some opinions
13. Its nice to have friends who live in NY
14. Mark has an uncanny ability to spot famous people in a crowd
15. When in doubt tie up your garbage (just to keep the raccoons and the slugs out)
16. A girl with a diaper on her head is a milk maiden but a boy with a diaper on their head is a judge

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