Thursday, June 9

And Reality Sets In...

Ok, reality is setting in.
We really are moving to Ohio.
And soon!
Justin left this morning.  He is on the road to Ohio right now.
Which, of course, means that I am here taking care of the kids by myself.
You know?  Like a real stay at home mom....
I have been a little spoiled lately, what with Justin being home all the time for the past few months.
Now reality is setting in.
He will be working again soon and our few months of bliss will be over.  FOR.E.VER.
Anyway- reality has set in.  Like I said.
We are flying out to Waterloo on Tuesday.
I am so excited!
Justin will graduate for the final time- never to return to University again.
Real life begins.
It has been a long and really enjoyable road.  (minus the studying and lack of funds)
Really- it has been enjoyable and a large part of me feels sad to see it coming to an end.
But a brand new adventure awaits and I am ready for it.
But Waterloo first.
My second home.
I can't wait to be in that familiar place.  To see the places and people I love.
I have always said that Waterloo is the perfect place to live.
If I could transplant it closer to family I would.
Or transplant family closer to it.
Hmmm.  What do you say family?  Everyone up for a move?  It's a beautiful place.... You'll love it...


  1. This post makes me sad. I know exactly what you mean. At least you can kind of prolong it for another year. Maybe you could find a lawyer looking for a Jared, and we can come with you. I'd be there in a heart beat, you know. And we could buy seasons passes to Kalahari and live happily ever after! Oh, tonight I will dream of it in any case.

  2. Congrats on the graduation! That is amazing! And hopefully we'll see you when you come back. Waterloo is a great place to live! ;)

  3. Ditto on the Waterloo being the perfect place to live and wanting to transport family here. The days of endless parties at outdoor pools...ahh. We are excited to see you!


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