Tuesday, May 24

When Two Old Become One NEW

Meet Chevy Venturer.

Chevy has a lot of good qualities.  This van in particular is dear to my heart.  It brought us (and friends) to Palmyra, Kirtland, Nauvoo, Chicago, Mackinac Island, Montreal, Ottawa, New York City, Toronto, Detroit, and as if that wasn't enough it safely drove us across the country to Utah and finally back home....  
Sadly it also had many undesirable qualities.  The head gasket went- and cost over $1000 dollars to fix.  It leaked exhaust if we had the A/C or heat on 'fresh' so we always had to have it on recirc.  The shocks and suspension knuckles were gone in the back causing the tires to wear unevenly.  The driver side mirror was broken off (with a little help from Justin).  The tail lights were finicky and if it ever rained or snowed they didn't work.  The fourth gear in the transmission went out on us about 2 years in meaning it wouldn't go into overdrive- yet to its defense it still took us across the country.  The power unlocks didn't work.  It would overheat if we went up a hill in the summer.  The vents didn't work in the back they blew out heat in the summer and a/c in the winter- seriously...  I don't know how it knew...  There was a huge crack in the windshield right across the drivers side.  The cruise worked on and off- and if we ever signaled while cruise was on then it promptly turned off.  And I am sure there is more, but somehow I am still attached- That van did so much for us and has so many memories wrapped up in it.  And then it sat in Justin's parents driveway for a few months because we knew that it wouldn't pass the out of province inspection and we didn't know what to do with it and then the end of the story comes- we finally sold it....  Van worth- $400 and all those miles and memories- priceless...  

While the good old venturer was sitting being unused we were given its tiny twin to drive.  Although it wasn't a complete replica it was essentially the same.  Meet Pontiac Montana.

We were grateful for this van since our other was pretty much undrivable.  We took it a few places and got used to the smaller car and the less all over room.  We were prepared to drive this van across the country the other way until we found out that the a/c didn't work.  That was the last straw- we couldn't do it.  We would have done it if we had to but luckily a third van entered the picture and we were able to sell the Montana.  It wasn't too hard- I didn't have many emotional bonding moments with this van and I was ready to let it go.  But it happened so quickly.  Justin put it up on Kijiji and then he got a few calls that same day and before I knew it he was saying someone is coming to look at the van in 20 minutes.  We hurriedly emptied the van- they came- and 20 minutes later it was sold.  The same day it went on Kijiji.  We are grateful because then we met....

The Dodge Grand Caravan.

We love it thus far.  Those of you who have children and don't have a van can I just say- you don't know what you are missing!!  I know its nerdy- but lets face it- everything about me screams nerd and I have learned to accept it and embrace it.  The room in this van is incredible- stow and go seating, it runs and at the moment has no impending issues- and lastly- it has a built in DVD player.  Need I say more???  We love it- we are grateful and this is the van that will be taking us to Ohio.  Ok fine- Justin will be driving it to Ohio, the kids and I will be flying.  We aren't ready to repeat that cross country trip for a second time.  Not yet anyway....  I am excited for the adventures that we will have together in this van....


  1. You have absolutely no idea how jealous I am. The Town and Country is my dream ride, but I'd take a Caravan any day. Can we go on a road trip with you?!?!

  2. And the best part of the new van: It's BLUE! I only care about the colour of our vehicles. People ask me "What kind of car do you have?" and I say "A blue one. Oh, sorry that's not very specific.... a dark blue one. It's pretty"


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