Sunday, April 3

There is Sunshine In My Soul Today...

I am sitting by an open window with the sun shining in on me and I swear if I couldn't see the snow I would think it was the most beautiful day of summer out there.  I feel uplifted and healthy and ready to take on the world.
The weather and my health aren't the only reasons I feel uplifted.
It was General Conference this weekend and the words that were spoken and the songs that were sung really did uplift my soul.
I am just feeling good.
Spring is on its way and everything is sunshine and roses.
We have been sick for a long time in our house and we are just starting to get back to our old selves.
I have a few bruised ribs still lingering and holding on but if I hold really still and breath shallowly I barely notice them...

I have a million projects in my head, some much needed outdoor time, and of course some blog catch up...
I think like spring we all deserve and need a fresh start.
Oh how I love spring...
Its amazing what some fresh air, sunshine and a good message can do for your soul....

We got all three this weekend!!

It is the perfect weather for playing outside in the snow.  You can enjoy the sun and the warmth while also getting the snowballs and the snowmen.  A perfect combination if I do say so myself.
We even learned a few things today- Noni loves snowballs.  Especially when I hit Justin in the face with one.  He is even a pretty good sport when a rogue snowball gets him in the face.  Ruby loves to get buried in the snow and she now loves snowballs being thrown at her.  Just my idea of a perfect snow outing.... (because, lets be honest, it is some serious fun sitting outside in the sun throwing snowballs at willing recipients all day.... serious fun)
But don't get me wrong- I am definitely looking forward to a snow free lawn.... soon enough, soon enough....


  1. ahha what fun kids you have.....

  2. I like snow. It's so snowy. That's what I've noticed most about snow.

  3. There is a sign by our house it says "Golden Eyes optometry- opening soon" We were really excited that the snells finally came to their senses and are moving back to ontario where the Golden Eye practice should be...

    So apparently your camera is broken???


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