Saturday, April 23

Are You Bee Why

I love my little R-U-B-Y.
Right now I am loving her creativity and her desire to learn.
She LOVES letters.
And she LOVES to spell her name.
She has been able to verbally spell her name for a while and we have been pretty proud of that- but she has brought it all to a new level- kicked it up a notch if you will.
It all began one late night in Utah (this post has been a long time in the making) when she wouldn't go to sleep so Justin was hanging out with her in her room and taught her how to write her name.
And I love it.
I love watching her write her name.
She is on her way to being literate and I couldn't be more proud.
Soon I am sure her letters will be close to the same size, her b's and d's will no longer get mixed up and every word will be in somewhat of a straight line.  
But until then we will enjoy her writing for the masterpiece it is...


  1. She spelled 'Snelldog' yesterday. Only it was in her head and she didn't tell anyone. I only know because of our mind-link

  2. so cute!!! I have a 4 yr old little sassy girl and she loves to be creative and always wanting to learn new things too!!! They are definetely so much fun!!!


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