Tuesday, March 22

Burnt To A Crisp...

We have been sick in our house lately.
Too sick to go outside, too sick to visit anyone, too sick to blog, and too sick to do anything inside.  It is terrible.
Justin even had a few days off and really we have had nothing to show for it.
Just a lot of sleeping, and pj lounging.
Oh- I suppose we do have one thing to show for it.
This beauty.

Isn't she a gem?
Ruby was getting antsy and really wanted to be doing something so we took out the clay and sculpted our favorite princess- you guessed it- Ariel.
I know you could tell from the picture- there was no reason to spell it out for you.
In fact she reminded me a little of this Ariel.
The large eyes and nose are courtesy of Ruby- she really has a nack for eyes.
After sculpting, it was time for bed so we said goodnight to Ariel and told her we would cook her in the morning when we had more time.

So the next morning Justin let little sick ol' me sleep in while he fed and entertained the kids.
And that is when Ariel met her fate.
He thought for sure that he had seen me cook clay enough times that that knowledge had surely rubbed off on him.
He was sure that it needed to be cooked at 400F for 30 mins....
And once he put Ariel in the oven there was no looking back- and definitely no checking in on her no matter what smell was coming from that oven- until the timer buzzed.
Burned to a crisp Ariel is the result of that.
I was pretty forgiving and honestly burnt Ariel grew on me- Ruby on the other hand does not hand out her forgiveness so freely.  There were some definite tears and some 'I don't like burned to a crisp Ariel' statements.
So Justin did what any father would do in that situation.
He apologized (had a laugh or two) and re-sculpted Ariel- for his little princess, Ruby.
So this is now the Ariel Masterpiece.  He stayed true to the large eyes and nose as per Ruby's request.

What a great dad.......


  1. I like burnt-to-a-crisp Ariel. Hahahaha!

  2. this was a great great laugh, I laughed till I cried, but I wouldnt tell Ruby that because I know it would hurt her feeling, but gosh darn if that wasnt the best laugh Ive had in a long time. and so nice of Justin to make her another one, I can just imagine the smell of a burnt Ariel....hahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahah

  3. Sad sad Burnt to a Crisp Ariel. I miss her, and I didn't even know her.

  4. Ruby was very hesitant about letting me cook the second one. She kept asking if mom could cook it because she didn't want Ariel to get burned again. What a cute-head!


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