Thursday, April 21

Yes, Forever

The cousins have come over to play- well some of them- and Ruby could not be happier.
She loves her cousins and when they are not near she is constantly making me name all of them- so let's just say I am glad that her cousins are over too.
They love to be together and I always love to see the bond that they all have with each other.
Last night Ruby and Karla got to share a bed and they were so excited.
So excited that I had to go down and talk to them about going to sleep.
This is the conversation we had (the condensed version)
Me- Girls it is time to go to sleep.  If you go to sleep you can stay together.
Karla- Forever?  We want to stay together forever.
Me- Well you better go to sleep.
Karla- Me wish Ruby was my sister....

But then you wouldn't have that perfect cousin love anymore...
I am so glad Ruby and Myers have so many people in their lives who love them as much as we do.
A few minutes later this is how we found the two sweet cousins....
 Notice how they are squished to the left and sharing a pillow so as to make room for the many stuffed animal babies they need to take care of together.


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