Sunday, March 6

We've Met Our Match

As of yesterday the match has been made.
Justin got into a one year optometry residency.
We will be moving to...

Yes this means a lot of things.
We will be moving away from family again.
We are sad about that- really sad.  But somehow I think that by the time we leave our family will be happy to get rid of their so-called 'squatters'.
(Ok not really- I know they love us.)
And we will once again be making a cross-country trek...  Something I swore I would never do again....
Even though I have a tiny bit of apprehension I have mostly excitement!
A new place, new people, a new house, a new adventure and lets not forget- a new Target to explore!
There is other good news that comes with it-
We are close to the world's best waterpark- KALAHARI
Closer to our good friends the Hughes- yes get excited my friends- we are a mere 9.5hrs away!
And last but not least we will be a short 6 hour drive from our Waterloo 'family'- so I expect that there will be some reunions in the near future.
And of course there will be the positive things it will do for Justin's career.
So there it is.  My big news. 
We are excited and we feel blessed and grateful for this opportunity.

-And yes- I am avoiding the elephant in the room- that is in the form of me not writing on my blog for a while.  I'll try harder.  I swear....

But for now I am going to go and research Ohio- look for us there in the Summer of 2011! 


  1. forget the water park. hit up cedar point without your kids. most amazing amusement park EVER! Branden and I LOVE LVOE LOVE it there.


    For that I will disregard your total disappearance from the interweb in the last month.

    Last night was the stake talent was not the same without Justin and Clark... I hummed a little three optically challenged rodents though for old time sake.

  3. Oh how I miss Kalahari! Oh how I will miss you. Again. And it will be I, jealous of you, living in the I s. Maybe Jared and I need to rethink our move back to Alberta, once you bring Target (and let's not forget Joann's) into the picture. Yeah for you!

  4. Mark and I stopped reading mid-post to see how close Ohio was to us...then only to read on and see that you've already done the math. 9.5 is doable.

    Congrats you guys. I always admire how adventurous you are. We're excited to have you back closer to us.

    When is the big move?

  5. I thought the elephant in the room was Lily the elephant at AFRICAN LION SAFARI!!!

  6. craziness! Hurray for knowing the next step! (Way to go Justin :)


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