Saturday, December 4

How I would use a Nokia N8 this holiday season!

We have to make a big road trip home to Canada from the USA this Christmas season (me, my wife, and two kids).  If I had a nice shiny N8 on hand I could use Ovi Maps to guide us home and take pictures and videos of the beautiful landscapes along the way with the 12MP camera and 720p video recording.  It would also be nice to have the built-in FM transmitter to play our tunes as we drive.  I'm sure there will also be times when the kids would appreciate watching a little cartoon on the phone.  At the hotel, I could use the HDMI (or TV) out to watch shows or play games on the hotel TV.  I'm sure I'll be customizing it and downloading apps along the way as well.  It would also be great to have at Christmas to takes pictures and videos of the kids opening their presents.  As we are going to be travelling a lot this Christmas season, the N8 would be a perfect tool to keep up to date with my emails, facebook, and twitter.  In short, this phone would help make our Christmas GREAT!


  1. Me smells a contest post going on here. Me also smells Justin's phone fetish. I can't even tell you what brand of phone I have, let alone what phone I would rather have. Nope, no idea.

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