Tuesday, December 21

We Are Here, We Are Here!!!

We, the Snelldogs, are back in Alberta.
We are back.
For good.
Well as far as we know.
We are excited to be back but we will miss our good friends in Utah.
I will really miss JOANN.  And of course, JC Penny.
Not to mention our mexican friend Cafe Rio.
And our oddly named friend who always seemed to have everything we needed whenever we needed it.  TARGET.
They will all be greatly missed.
But it is good to be back with family and for Ruby to be reacquainted with her cousins and for Myers to actually meet and get to know them!
I guess saying goodbye to certain friends is worth it.
Farewell Utah....

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  1. We missed Skyping you while you were there! It seems like it went really fast. Hope all is well settling into your new Albertan routine!


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