Saturday, February 13


YUP- you read it right.
I wrote poop.
But for a good reason.
It has been on the snelldogs household brain lately.
We are constantly talking about poo, cheering when a poop is made, asking if she needs to go poop, and occasionally cleaning up poop.
Ruby is potty training.
We are going on day 5.
I didn't want to write about it earlier- I was worried I would jinx it.
She is doing a great job and I am the most excited of anyone I think. I haven't had to change a diaper in 5 days!! WHAT!! This is amazing!!
Today Justin is home and has taken over the 'remembering to remind Ruby to go to the potty' position.
As I sit here I can hear them in the bathroom.
Justin has encouraged her to talk to her poop- and tell it to come out.
(I say whatever works)
First conversation with poop
'Hey poop- i got new big girl unders. But they are dora (she has been wearing princess ones earlier) Do you like dora? Poop get out of me!!!'
Second conversation with Justin
Ruby-' I'm going to poop on you- BOOM- poop on your face'
Justin-' Do you want me to leave?
Ruby-' You better leave or I'm gonna get poop on your face.
Needless to say he left.

Earlier this week Ruby was excited because she thought she didn't need to wear pants anymore because she has big girl unders. (We had her just running around in unders because it resulted in less things to clean if necessary)

Lets hope this trend keeps going and we have a fully potty trained child soon- One who eventually wears pants and unders at the same time of course...

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