Saturday, February 13


There is one thing that Ruby loves more than her mom or dad
I know- hard to believe
But she does have one true love
and that is dollies.
Any dolly- she just wants one- a new one- every day.
We obviously don't give in every day, not even every other day- but judging from the ever growing pile of dollies we have in the corner we do give in sometimes.
To our credit- grandmas and grandpas give in too and have added to the pile. As well as aunts and uncles...
They are always on her mind. She now has a bag that she carries her dolls around in because her arms just can't hold all the dolls she requires to get through the day.
She sleeps with the bag, she drags the bag around costco, and takes it over to Jayne's house.
Any time we say- Maybe we can get a toy- she says- yeah but that toy is a dollie.
When we got home from walmart- (doll-less I might add) and we were talking about the upcoming Valentine's day and how we were going to make heart shaped pizzas Ruby says 'And maybe you made me a dolly.'
I didn't....
But we did buy her Madagascar 2- which she will be equally happy about-
I guess there are 2 things she loves more than mom and dad.
1. Dollies
2. Madagascar

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