Monday, February 8

Candlemas 2010

Candlemas- you're gonna love candlemas....
We do!
We celebrated our annual crepe party yesterday.
Candlemas 2010.
It was awesome!
We had a ton of participation on the skit end of things and a plethora of toppings.
I want to thank all who came and participated- you are the best!
We were missing a few of the key participants of Candlemas and I want you to know that you were sorely missed.
The skits were awesome- some of the best we have ever had.
I am already planning next years.
Ok not really.
But I am excited for next years!
Here is a taste of one of the skits we did this year.
It was madagascar inspired. We called it crepagascar.

I know! We're awesome!

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