Wednesday, February 24

Hunny Bunny

Apparently the Hunny Bunny Baby is the Tickle Me Elmo of 2010.
We have been searching around for a hunny bunny of Ruby's very own.
We called everywhere around Kitchener- Waterloo- Guelph- Stratford... and it was either not carried by the store or sold out.
So then we thought that we would try in Alberta and get someone there to buy it for us and mail it to us....
This is how much Ruby was talking about her need for a hunny bunny. She was so cute asking for one- everywhere we went she would want to look for a hunny bunny of her very own.
'Maybe (insert any store name here) has a hunny bunny' she would say
And being the amazing parents we are-
We were determined to find one.
And.... after lots of calling....and internet searching
Drumroll please......
Well actually we found 2- so if anyone is looking for one you can find one in New Hamburg at the 'Is this Chair Taken' store.
We also got a Lil Peanut one for Noni- Ruby insisted.
Here is Ruby enjoying her Hunny Bunny...

-oh wait- I don't have one....
And Noni with his peanut....

But after all of that Ruby rediscovered an old favorite- Buddy.
And hasn't gone back to Hunny Bunny since.
Apparently all she wanted was a bunny of her very own. It didn't have to come in a removable pink bunny suit, or be incredibly hard to find and slightly expensive. hmmmm.
And here she is with her reunited loves- buddy and Rosie- (she insisted they be in the photos....)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Myers is so big!!! Eli still is convinced you have stolen Rosie from him. He will give you his Bunny if you give him Rosie...


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