Wednesday, November 27

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving this year was great!!  We were able to hold it at our house which was a little stressful but it made us get our butts in gear and get things done! 

We decorated a thanksgiving tree complete with turkeys we had made the year previously and acorns we put together this year.  Ruby loves it, Noni tolerates it, Eldy doesn't participate!
Teepee painting.  This was SO FUN!  and easy!  The kids loved it so much and I loved it too!  They made great center pieces.
Candy turkeys.  We made one for each kid, they were really fun too and really easy for noni to make on his own.  Though next time I going to pick better tasting candy...

Pies, Pies, Pies!  I made so many pies!  I made all the apple Kathy made the rest, pumpkin, custard, lemon, and coconut!  They were all delicious!!  The sad part is that my apple pie didn't get cooked until the end and everyone was gone by the time it was ready to eat...  So only a few of us got to enjoy it, but it too was delicious!
Noni loved peeling and coring the apples, that little man of mine is a really good helper.
And before all the festivities started we headed out to Kathy's and picked some pumpkins!  She grew a ton and they made the best jack o lanterns for halloween and great decoration for thanksgiving.  Plus it was a REALLY fun day!  The kids loved it!
Thanksgiving this year was great.  I'm glad to live near family so we can celebrate it together!!

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