Sunday, November 10

Styrofoam Head

To complete our Halloween festivities we actually decorated this year!!

We made clay eye balls for Justin to bring to work, I mean there have got be perks to being an optometrist and one of them is definitely your ability to decorate with eye balls on Halloween.  But don't worry, I have some Christmas eye ball decorations up my sleeve!

No Halloween is complete without the annual pumpkin carving.  We were lucky enough to get some awesome garden pumpkins from my sister!  We each got our own!
 Ruby even did all the carving herself!!!  It turned out so awesome.  That girl is my favorite.

 The styrofoam head (she really needs a name)  found Justin again.... mwahahahaha
 We decorated outside too.  The bats were my favorite!
 But I also love the caution tape, the monster face that Ruby and Noni designed (complete with mustache) and the wooden pumpkins that were a complete pain in the butt...  but turned out better than I could have imagined!

Halloween was so fun this year!  We were able to trick or treat with some great friends and my mom and dad came and handed out candy for us.  It was the perfect weather and the perfect night.  We had a blast.

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