Sunday, November 3

Popcorn Head

I'm finally getting to my halloween post, but before I begin and just so I don't forget I have to mention that Eldon took his first step today!!!  It doesn't mean he is walking- he's still a long way off, but he took his first step!!  This little baby of mine is growing UP!

Halloween was a lot of fun!  I love Halloween.  It makes me happy.  It is when the creative juices are free flowing and I get to sew whatever my kids hearts desire!  This year was probably the easiest of them all.  Noni got a store bought costume (gasp- I know) I am usually one for purely homemade but I saw the ninja costume was on for 15 dollars and I knew I couldn't make anything for that cheap- so I bought it.  He added his own homemade twist when he requested a popcorn head.  So he became our popcorn head ninja.  And he pulled it off!

Just hanging out with his popcorn head.

Ruby started off wanting to be a spy. Not a special spy, just a spy that wore black- and that's it.  No mask, no name tags, no gadgets, just black.  Eventually her ideas changed and she wanted to be a vampire spy so I was able to make her some bat wings and I snuck in a name tag.  She loved it.

(Here she is with our trick or treating partner (the other Ruby))

And here she is during the costume parade with Noni and surrounded by Hulks!

Eldon still has no say in his costumes, which is just the way I like it, so he became popcorn.  I knew I would be wearing him in the Ergo so I wanted something that would work with that.  Plus 2 birds, one stone.  I instantly became a popcorn vender, or a movie critic or simply a girl who loves a whole lot of popcorn.  It was great.

Justin was a giant eye ball.  I found it at target and I couldn't pass it up.  My only regret is that I didn't buy two.  Hopefully they will be back next year....

And I also made my dad's costume this year.  The 'What Does The Fox Say' song is really popular at his school and I thought I could make that come to life.  I made this awesome fox hood and freezer paper stenciled on the saying and we were done.  It was quick and easy and wonderful.

If you want to check out other halloweens you can check them here and here and here.  I love halloween, I love making costume dreams come to life...  Until next year my friends...  And now ON TO CHRISTMAS!

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