Tuesday, May 7

Three Cannonbombs

This Noni of mine can be just plain crazy, but most of the time he is crazy awesome.
He fills me with joy just spending time with him.
Noni has 3 favorite things right now.
1. The number 3.
He will search high and low to find the number three EVERYWHERE.
The other day we were at the mall and he was looking in all the usual places for three's- the interac machines, the credit card machines, the sale signs.  You know, the usual.
At one point he ran up to the poster at La Senza and started hugging it.  Needless to say I got a little worried that my 3 year old was hugging a picture of a half naked model...  I didn't know what to think, I couldn't believe what the world had done to my 3 year old and I automatically started making a mental list of everything I was sure we were doing wrong, and things that needed to change.  I was panicking and worried for my little guy.  Then Ruby (who understands Noni more than anyone I know) started laughing and says to me- 'haha, he is hugging that number 3 on the sign'  (she must have seen the panic in my eyes!)  It was just the number 3.  phew.
On a side note- the number 3 is also my favorite number, always has been.  But I do refrain myself from hugging it when I see it.

2. Cannonbombs.  What is a cannon bomb?  Well, no one is entirely sure.  We think it is somehow derived from Cannonball, the jump you make into a pool, but are not entirely sure.  If you ask Noni a question such as, 'What would you like to do today?' He will regularly answer 'Canonbomby' or 'What is your favorite food?' 'Canonbomb'.  I love that kid.

3. His Fedora and sunglasses.  That kid loves himself some fedora.  And I love him in it.  He is so dang adorable.  Who knew a 3 year old mobster could be so dang adorable?  If you spend much time with Myers you will undoubtedly see him in his fedora and iron man sunglasses that his Ohio friend Eli gave him.

And for your pure enjoyment here is a picture montage of Noni trying to put on goggles.

He did it!! I always knew he could!

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