Wednesday, May 8

The Weekend of My Dreams

 This weekend was a great one!!!  We were busy but were able to fill it with a lot of memories and time with family.
Some of the hi-lights included:

Justin and Katelyn's mini ball tournament in Foremost.  A little walk down memory lane for sure!  We were able to see Katelyn make a basket but we had to leave after the second game and apparently that is when the basket making caught fire and Justin and Katelyn were basketball machines!  It was so fun to watch them play and to hear Noni cheering for them.  He is probably the best cheerer that ever lived.
I love this photo.  I just love it

We were able to see a double incomplete rainbow- this is only awesome because of that youtube video about the double complete rainbow.  If you don't know what I'm talking about you should check it out.

 Addy and Josh and the kids came down for a surprise visit!!  They stayed at the lodge and we were able to enjoy some swimming together.  Myers was in love with the waterslide.  Ruby was in love with the hot pool. And Eldon was his awesome self.

 My baby nerds.  I think they are awesome.


  1. They are awesome! Now I want to hear Noni cheering. If it is even 1/10th as cute as his "I love you too" then I will just die. :)


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