Tuesday, May 7

Snellcome Home

It is official and exciting!!  We bought a house!!
Everything is finalized and we are super excited!

It looks like Medicine Hat is our permanent home.  Which, after being semi-nomadic for the past 6 years, is a little bit odd, and is definitely taking some time to become adjusted to.
We love Medicine Hat and the people here, and we feel like it is a great place for our kids to grow up, and my parents live here (which is a definite bonus) but still I miss the adventure of moving and change.  It is just hard to wrap my mind around the idea of being permanent.
I think I will love it though.
I mean, I can actually decorate!  My pinterest finds will no longer be just distant dreams but can soon become reality!
Crazy 'Pinterester' here I come!!
It is going to be a 'pinteresting' next couple of months.
I could come up with these all day my friends...
I am excited for this new wonderful chapter in our lives.  And I look forward to embracing it and making the most of it!!
We gain possession at the end of June, then let the painting begin!
Who wants to be our first visitor??
I see a lot of Sniebe adventures in our future...
(Also, wasn't that title clever?  Snellcome home- like welcome home?  I'm awesome)


  1. Congrats! Hope you get settled nicely and love the home!

  2. Cheryl, I love you, you know that? Not just because you're funny either. I can't wait to come hang out at your new house.


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