Sunday, May 20

Washington DC- Sunday

We headed to DC with the Hughes and I am finally getting around to blogging it.  It was a great trip.  My favorite day was Sunday- so I will start there!
We headed to church near the DC temple and ended up going to the spanish ward conference by accident.  It was definitely a little bit of a surprise but they did translate most of it so we still were able to enjoy the meeting.  We were a little bit out of place but no one seemed to care.
The temple was the highlight of the day.
I couldn't believe how big it was- and it was so beautiful!
Ruby, always a true lover of all that is beautiful, loved it and the gardens around it.

The visitor's center was a nice reprieve from the hot hot heat!

 I just think they are so cute chatting with eachother.  I wish I knew what they were saying!

 Ruby admiring all of the flowers.

 And we ended the day with Noni getting his head stuck in the gate.  I mean, it wouldn't be Noni if he didn't do something awesome!

We had a great time there.  It was nice to spend the time with friends and to teach our children a little bit more about the gospel and temples.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday....

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  1. When you wrote that Ruby loved the beautiful gardens, I was thinking, "I wonder what Noni was doing...". Now I know. Totally awesome!


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