Sunday, May 20

DC Finale

To finish off our time in DC we fit in all that we could.
(I thought this funeral home was awesome- farewell bacon.)

We saw the Lincoln Memorial (the reflecting pool was under repair- so no reflecting for us)

Notice Ruby in the front of the photo- what a cute head.

Who knew Lincoln was so BIG in real life?  This is a true to scale sculpture- right?

We saw the Washington monument-  (don't let that water fool you- it is NOT the reflecting pool)

Kim was very disappointed in the disrepair of the reflecting pool.

We saw the White House (front and back)

(Why do I look like such a nerd in this photo?  And why is Noni not looking in ANY of these photos?)

Ruby trying to break in. She didn't get very far before the secret service was on the scene.  (Just kidding- she got all the way in, I couldn't believe it)

And we walked some more.

We made Justin watch the kids most of the time.  He did a pretty good job- If only he could figure out how to hold hands, carry Noni on his back, AND push a stroller.  Next trip I guess...
When we were all done in DC we headed to Georgetown for some cupcakes.  I had been looking forward to them ALL weekend- then we got there and the line looked like this.  (Out the door and ALL the way up the street- a good 2 hour wait)
So we skipped the cupcakes and just got a passing photo.  It is just as good- trust me.

All in all- it was a great time.
My favorite place to visit was the Washington DC temple.
And the Lincoln memorial was a close second.

It was fun spending time with friends and I always love an adventure.
After DC we headed back to NYC- to do a little more exploring!
I love NYC.  There just is nothing like that place.
The traffic was horrendous this time- but we still made sure to enjoy ourselves.
We did a lot of exploring of Long Island as well.
More to come on that in the future!

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  1. The saddest part of the trip was when our bacon died. Most surprising was when Ruby fit through those skinny bars and Obama had to bring her out to us. The moment I reflect back on the least: empty reflecting pool. Good times had by all! Oh, and you look hot in that picture Cheryl!


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