Saturday, May 19

Snells + Hughes + DC= Pure Awesomeness

We finally made the much anticipated and frequently rescheduled trip to Washington DC!
I have wanted to travel to DC for years and finally my dreams came true...
It was also great to be able to meet up with good friends along the way!
Mark and Kim met us in DC and we spent 3 awesome days exploring!
We were all looking forward to this trip and after some schedule maneuvering and waiting to get over sicknesses we finally made it happen.
Our first day we had a little bit of a late start.
The traffic was insane and the construction was even crazier, but we finally found a suitable place to park and eat (number one on my list these days!) and were able to do some exploring in the hot hot heat.
But it is DC and there is a beautiful fountain every few feet- that we may or may not have been allowed to wade in- but we did anyway.
That first day was all about wading in the fountains and trying to prevent Justin from getting heat stroke.

Of course Noni found a way to fall in...  But he was cool the rest of the day.  I wanted to jump in myself...

We also learned a few lessons that day- like the fact that we need to limit our sausage intake at the free breakfast at the hotel.  It catches up with you later.
We did a lot of walking the first day.

Stopped in  at a few museums as well!
Ruby learned all about the Wright brothers (who were born in Ohio- hence Ohio is 'the birthplace of aviation)

 And we learned a lot about dinosaurs and diamonds.  It was fun- and the best part- FREE!
It was a long, hot day- filled with friends and fun- so who can complain?

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  1. I had 3 pieces of sausage today (the first in a long long time). Have to say, I'm feeling a little nervous. I'll let you know in a few hours if I get off free this time.


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