Wednesday, April 18

You Know How We Feel About Cleveland...

We have been taking quite a few trips to Costco lately.  Really is there any place that is more magical than that place?  It even rivals Disney World.  It is an hour away so it means that we get to explore more of Cleveland (to make sure that our trip is worth it).  And with our limited budget it means we are always searching for things that are free.
Luckily it isn't too hard.
Lately we have visited The Great Lakes Science Center.
It was really fun.  They have a planetarium and a few animals to see.  It was fun.  The kids loved it.
Ruby honed her puppeteering skills.

While Myers honed his insect skills.

We had a good time.

On another trip we headed to a great park that Justin found online.  It was called Preston's Hope.

They had a little city and a great teeter totter and some great equipment to climb.
Myers and Ruby were pros.

Justin on the other hand needed some help.

Look at that cute little bum...

- and of course we made sure to use the swings.

It took a lot of coaxing but we finally got Myers off the swing and got to Costco.

Did I mention that I love Costco?
But not as much as I love Cleveland....
And maybe I was being a little bit hasty when I said it rivaled Disney...

And I made Ruby a new outfit-

I love it and she loves it!
I used this tutorial for the skirt.

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  1. I love how random this post was. I also love Costco. Whit said the last time she went they got a whole popsicle as a sample. haha! Love Ruby's outfit. I have the cutest stuff in mind for my girls this summer if I ever get this house organized. :)


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