Friday, April 20

Springtime in Alliance

Spring has been beautiful here- and what I love most of all is the constant bloom.
Just when I am sad to see some sort of flower go another beautiful one pops up.
It is beautiful here.
We can now say that we have enjoyed every season here in Ohio.
Spring might just be my favorite...
Though I do love when the fireflies come out....
My very favorite street in springtime is Glamorgan.
It is lined with the most beautiful trees full of white blossoms.  (I'm pretty sure the inspiration for the song Popcorn Popping came from this street)

I took the kids for a little drive one night so we could enjoy the splendor of spring.
Ruby is a girl after my own heart and always gives me the reaction that I hope for.  She loves flowers and anything beautiful- so I love showing them to her.
Sometimes I wish they would just last longer.  But like I said- when one ends another one blooms.

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