Thursday, April 12

Proud To Be

Sometimes my friends here in Ohio forget that I am Canadian.  I mean, let's face it, I'm awesome enough (in their eyes) to be American.  (I don't tell them that all Canadians are awesome- I want them to think I am special...)  But there is the odd moment in the day that I remind them of how very not American and very definitely- Canadian that I am.

For instance....

I say washroom instead of restroom
I say I wrote a test instead of I took a test
I call these candies rockets instead of smarties

Just so you don't feel bad- we still have smarties.  They just look like this, taste way better, and are filled with chocolate!.
I call balls of cooked bread dough buns instead of rolls
Target is still new to me- and the novelty hasn't worn off- (it NEVER will)
I say supper instead of dinner
I say grade one instead of first grade
I say koopon (coupon) instead of Q-pon.
I will be talking about the weather and say something like- it is supposed to be in the high 20's all week- and my friends will be shocked and horrified at how cold it is going to be.  In other words I speak in Celcius instead of Fahrenheit.  (I barely know how to spell Fahrenheit- let alone know how to switch between the two.)
My holidays are named differently- Family Day vs. President's Day, Victoria Day vs. Memorial Day, Veteran's Day vs Remembrance Day,  Black Friday vs. Boxing Day.
I celebrate Thanksgiving in October instead of November.
I say homo milk when I am referring to Whole Milk.  It can get a little awkward in a store when I say- 'we need some homo.' or 'don't forget the homo' or 'do you have any homo?'

I guess what I am saying is I am Canadian at heart, and I love it.  I wouldn't change all my querks for anything.  I like my differences.  I'm proud of them!  And it looks like we will be heading back to Alberta soon!  Justin got a job!  I'll fill you in on details when we have them all- we are excited though!


  1. Don't forget pop instead of soda :) And those Americans...they do love their soda!

  2. Pick me up some homo next time you're at the store, eh?

  3. Don't forget toque instead of winter hat! I knew we were missing a big one. Oh well, we should really be writing these down as we discover them. Like when I said "I phoned him yesterday" (Instead of called) and got some weird looks. Is that a Canadian thing too? The plot thickens!

  4. Yay for Justin's job! I know how it feels to long for "home," so we're excited that you get to go back to Canada, but you will be very missed by lots of Americans! And i think the only time i've really had to do a double take and remember that you're Canadian is with the temperature thing... otherwise, I've heard all the other variations and i usually know what you mean. but the temperature thing... i don't convert between the two either! we'll just never know what the other is talking about with the weather. :-)

  5. When I got back from Canada it took me a long time to get out of saying washroom. I said it so much the first day home my nephews finally asked me what a washroom was. I love that you are Canadian Cheryl! One of my favorite things on Sunday is to hear you talk to the kids in primary... And use the word ''about'' - love it! I also love that tiny kids in Canada say "pardon" instead of "what" or "huh?" -- so cute!


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