Tuesday, February 14

My Loves 2012

Well, it is Valentines day- 9 years ago today Justin proposed!
I am not a major Valentine's Day girl.  I just am so run down after the Christmas and New Years holidays that I don't even feel like I have caught my breath and Valentine's Day is upon us.
Ruby and I did take time to make a heart garland and a few glittered hearts to celebrate.
I thought it would be appropriate today to share with you my list of things that I am loving right now.
Since it is the day of love after all.
I love Martha Stewart glitter- seriously is there any other glitter that is as beautiful?  I think not.  Ruby and I love it.  Myers is banned from glitter until a later date- he likes to eat it and get it in his eyes.  We only use glitter when he is having a nap...  But lets face it, I am always looking for an excuse to use glitter...

I love my plate wall.  Yes it may be a little old ladyish but I still love it.  I am always looking for great plates to add to it.  It is going to be epic and beautiful!

I am loving creating and learning right now.  My new sewing books that I got for Christmas are among the many things that I love.  I can't wait until I make the time to actually sew for myself.  I have so many things swirling around in my head....

I am seriously obsessed with the new mad hatter line from Shabby Apple.
This dress takes my Valentine's Day breath away.

I also really love this.  There are no words.  I found it via Pinterest.  I also really love pinterest.  I am going to make something like it soon.

I love hard work, exercise, and a clean house.  I just wish I was better at all of them.

I love green smoothies and healthy eating.  I love home cooked meals.

I love talking to my mom on the phone and getting caught up on all the goings on.

I love how Noni loves his papas.  Both of them.  He just really loves them.  It might have something to do with the wrestling but he definitely has a special place in his heart for his papas.

I love mail and packages.

I love memories, and reminiscing about the good times.  I just wish my memory was better.

I always love getting random texts or messages from my sisters.  It makes me feel loved and missed.

Ohio.  I am loving Ohio.  It has lots to offer and great friends.  Justin loves his job- and that is always great.  It has taken some time but I do love it here.

I love the promise of spring on the horizon.  I love spring.  I love sun and warm weather.

I love thrift stores- especially out east.  There is always some sort of wonderful treasure to find....

I love Ruby's desire and knack for learning.  She amazes me every day.  Right now she is working on reading- she has a few books she can read and we are working with her.  I love to teach her and to know that the things that she knows I have taught her.  I love to hear her in primary answering questions.  That is where I truly get to see what her little brain absorbs at home and what she learns even when I don't think she is learning anything.  I am always amazed.

I love all that Noni is.  He is a little bit of a DESTRUCTO- at least that is what we call him.  He can be a little bit crazy- ok A LOT.  And he gets into everything.  But he is so sweet and wonderful.  He never likes to see anyone sad or upset and if you are he will be the first there to hug you and kiss you.  Though, lets face it, he is the one who causes the tears about 75 percent of the time- (at least for Ruby) but he is there to make her feel better after.

I love Justin.  He is wonderful and my most favorite person.  I love seeing him come home after work.  My heart and spirit lifts when I hear the garage door.  And not just because I am about to go crazy from all that being a stay at home mom entails, but because I like him.  He is fun to spend time with and he makes me laugh.  Every day.

I love family.  And I love you all.  Thank you for being part of my life- for the comments and the messages and the letters and the love.  I guess that is what Valentine's Day is for me- a time to really pay attention to the love that I receive and give throughout the year.


  1. I love all those things too! (um plate wall? sure!) that must be why i love you! I love when the garage door goes up too. You forgot Garage sales...but that could fall under thrift stores:)

    May I mention the irony of the first one...it is HARD WORK to CLEAN YOUR HOUSE but it is GOOD EXERCISE to do it...so that is killing 3 birds with one stone if I ever heard of one!

    I'll mail you something and then you can mail me something. Won't that be fun? With etsy and pinterest...there is so much pressure for awesomeness now... so it better be! just kidding. (of course I am not). Give me your address.

  2. and we love all you guys too.....


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