Saturday, February 4

Falling asleep on the job

Sundays are hard days for us.  Justin has to be at church 2 hours early for meetings and has to stay for about 2 hours after so that leaves the kids and I to get ready and come home and get lunch- that is enough to make any day hard....  But Myers also ends up missing his nap.  It is always a toss up trying to decide if I should get him to sleep or just stay up until bed time.  If I get him to nap too late then he won't go to bed at night but if I don't put him down for a nap normally he takes matters into his own hands and he ends up like this.
Sleeping on the job.  It always amazes me when he falls asleep like this.  Isn't he just so cute?


  1. What a sweet little boy, no wonder we love him so much, hehehe

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  3. I kept waiting for him to fall. Don't worry, I was ready to catch him... ON CAMERA!


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