Tuesday, December 8


Yes this is my SNL inspired post about my adventures in arriving to Alberta.
Because I'm here.
I know what you are all saying- 'Seriously?'
Yes folks I am here- the only issue is that if you are here and want to see me- you probably have to come to me- at least until i recuperate.
We left Justin behind in waterloo to finish finals and then he will be following us in just over a week.
So it all began on friday- when I was supposed to get on the plane and it was cancelled-
Seriously? Seriously? There is that much snow in Calgary JUST before I leave- of course- seriously? I came from +5 weather to -35 weather- seriously? I didn't even have to wear a winter coat in Waterloo yet- seriously (I may have been the only one- I seriously am retaining an insane amount of body heat this pregnancy- if I didn't know better I would say i am carrying a werewolf baby)
Though I am not complaining about staying another couple of days with Justin- seriously- I am so glad actually- it was a lot less stressful for all of us
But I decided that since I was home i would do some of the 'nesting' things that most woman at my stage of pregnancy do- yeah seriously. I have never really had the opportunity to 'NEST'-
So I got really ambitious and got on my hands and knees and cleaned the floor-
That is where my nesting ended-

So we rested for the rest of Saturday, went to church on Sunday and got on a plane that night.
Our flight was pretty good- except that the sandwiches that I wanted to eat cost 10 dollars- seriously- so we had a bagel instead.
Ruby played with stickers, watched the tv, and squirmed alot- but all in all we were good
Got to Calgary- were super tired- the weather was bad- and Ruby was super cranky
But we were safe
And then began the serious waiting for Justin to arrive and save us.....

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