Friday, June 26

Water Park

Ruby has many favorite places this summer- but the one that tops them all is the spray park in crossfield.
Any time I ask Ruby what we are going to do or where we are going to go she immediately says 'waterpark'.
This is what happened the last time we went:
Happy to be there- but still not in the water...
What happens after she accidentally gets a little bit of water on her....
More crying....
Receiving comfort and warmth from her cousin...
Hiding from the water.... But doesn't she look so cute???

Regardless of all of this- she still loves the water park and wants to go everyday.... I am sure she will love it one day.... Until then it is towels covering our bodies for us!


  1. I especially love that "A" you are blogging again and "B" that Ruby's shirt says "SMILE" as she sobs!

    We have spent all week at the water park here as well as it is a few houses away from my parents...It took Ben awhile before he would commit to getting IN the water...I am trying to convince Jon that a splashpad addition to our yard is in order!

  2. Oh Rublet, you little tease you!

    Look at you...going out, taking pictures, uploading them and then blogging. All good signs that the first or should I say "the worst" trimester is done!

  3. Awww - Ruby is the cutest!!!


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